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Congratulations Happy2Assist!
Named February Business of the Month 
Happy2Assist has been assisting and helping companies, organizations, and individuals for over 9 years. Their philosophy is based on small successes that become one great one, while their mission is to give others a moment of time where they can enjoy life. 
Happy2Assist has helped many companies from Herkimer to Syracuse and across the country. They have become the back office for small businesses that need bookkeeping, social media, virtual management, consulting, and more. Their coordinators sit down with every company to help unload their business hurdles or tasks that have been weighing on them. They do this, so they can become more productive with their time, verses having the thought burdening them of when they will start or complete a task. The Coordinators job is to follow through on everything and make the others life a little more enjoyable as they focus on what they enjoy doing. 
Feel free to contact them at 315.225.7010, visit their websites: www.Happy2AssistYou.com, www.OutAndAboutOneida.com, or follow on Facebook at Out And About Oneida.
Business of the month program is part of an ongoing effort by the Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce to honor a deserving member business each month for their contribution to the quality of life and economy of our community.

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