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Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce in Oneida, New York



 Welcome to the Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce Member's Directory (listed in alphabetical order)






31 Express Deli & Grocery

147 Cedar Street
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Marcia Polisse
Phone: 315-366-3354

Facebook: facebook.com/31Deli


Allen Eye Associates

131 Main Street, Suite 202
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Dr. Matthew Allen
Phone: 315-363-4942
Fax: 315-363-4441


Web: alleneyeassociates.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AllenEyeAssociates



Allmond Wellness
225 Genesee Street
Chittenango, NY 13037


Phone: 315-510-2006
Fax: 833-523-2372


Email: Allmondwellness37@gmail.com
Web: allmondwellness37.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DeannaRaymondAllen




All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc.

 1043 Freedom Drive
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Joseph Faranch
Phone: 315-361-1066
Fax: 315-361-1048


Web: https://allseasonings.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllSeasonings


 American Red Cross

Contact: Paulette Loomis

Phone: 315-363-2900
Fax: 315-363-9628




280 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 13421

Contact: Rachel Siderine
Fax: 315-361-1064


The Arc Madison Cortland


A-Spire CBD
60 East State Street
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Scott Rogers
Phone: 716-435-4399

Bailey's Real Estate
Contact: Vincent Bailey

Bassin & Hession Orthodontics

737 Stone Street
Oneida, New York 13421
 Phone: 315-363-2480
Fax: 315-363-2436
Web: cnyortho.com 

Bear Paw Printing

Contact: Peter Hilts
1733 Fyler Road
Chittenango, New York 13037

Phone: 315-687-6366


Bella Vita Cafe


115 Main Street
Oneida, NY 13421






Best Eye Photography

181 Kenwood Avenue Suite 100
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Beth Jones
Phone: 315-280-4509


Better Hearing of Madison County, LLC

121 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Linda Bailey
Phone: 315-363-7869
Fax: 315-363-4661

BRiDGES, Madison County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

1507 Upper Lenox Avenue 
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Maureen Campaine
Phone: 315-697-3947

Business Machines & Equipment

Web: bmecompany.com


Callanan Industries, Inc.


6375 Tuttle Road
Canastota, New York 13032
Contact: Todd McArdell 
Phone: 315-697-9569

Callee 1945

134 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Abbey Woodcock
Phone: 315-367-0007


Campanie & Wayland-Smith

S. John Campanie, Esq.
Tina Wayland-Smith, Esq.
Melissa E. Martel Felton, Esq.
123 Farrier Ave
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-363-0585



Campany Roofing Company, Inc.

106 West Elm Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-9086

Campbell-Dean Funeral Home

260 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mr. James P. Dean
Phone: 315-363-4020
Fax: 315-361-1481

Caro-Northrup Agency

1533 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 1421
Contact: Kim Caro
Phone: 315-363-5770 

Catholic Charities Oneida/Madison County


1408 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
Contact: Victoria Paolozzi
Phone: 315-724-2158

Marian J. Cerio, Attorney at Law

104 Center Street
Canastota, New York 13032
Contact: Marian J. Cerio
Phone: 315-697-3987


Chapin Real Estate

585 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Jennie Chapin
Phone: 315-366-4136


Chi of G Massage


City Electric

Web: cityelectricsupply.com

Clear Landscapes L.L.C.
Waterville, New York 13480
Contact Dave Bowen
Phone: 315-327-8199


Clear Path For Veterans
1223 Salt Springs Road
Chittenango, New York 13037
Phone: 315-687-3300

Community Bank N.A.


182 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Wendy Matters
Phone: 315-366-3910
Web: cbna.com


Community Carwash LLC

Contact: Ken Brewer
Phone: 315-334-3914

Web: cnycommunitycarwash.com

Coneheads Ice Cream Oneida
646 Lenox Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Adam Behr

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County 
100 Eaton Street
Morrisville, New York 13408
Contact: Tess Southern
Phone: 315-684-3001


Cornell's Greenhaus
264 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Jacob Cornell
Phone: 315-280-0121
Web: cbdcny.com 

Costello Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PLLC

 Dr. John Costello
Phone: 315-363-1110
Fax: 315-363-4441

Dan Buttermann

Phone: 315-280-8441

Individual Member:

Dr. John J. Costello, Sr.  

Michel J. DeBottis, Attorney at Law

312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 1341
Contact: Michel J. DeBottis
Phone: 315-363-6800

D'Arcangelo & Co., LLP

730 Lenox Avenue, Suite 3
Oneida, New York 13421

Contact: Mr. Scott Miller, CPA
Phone: 315-363-1740
Fax: 315-363-1975


Dec & Benson CPAs, P.C.
101 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mike Dec
Phone: 315-363-7795

Don Kingsley Real Estate
248 vMain Street Suite 211
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-5464

Ebeneezer's Cafe and Creamery

Kathleen and Evan DuChene
phone: 315-363-4537

web: ebeneezerscafeandcreamery.com


Empowered Pathways

Stephanie Eghigian
Phone: 315-724-1718


Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott
5280 Willow Place
Verona, New York 13478
Contact: Lori Hicks
Phone: 315-363-8888

Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.
4277 Middle Settlement Road
New Hartford, New York 13413 


Family Counseling Services
201 Cedar Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Phyllis Montague Harris
Phone: 315-280-0400

Individual Member
Fred Agerter III
Phone: 315-559-1762


Garage Gym Oneida

Robert Galinski
Phone: 315-368-3980


Gates-Cole Insurance

Phone: 315-363-7200
Fax: 315-363-7402



Giovannis Big Cheese

Giovanni Purpura
Phone: 315-363-3344



The Gorman Foundation

Ms. Amanda Larson
Phone: 315-363-0170
Fax: 315-361-0710


GPO Federal Credit Union

Phone: 315-363-8029


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing - Rome

Phone: 315-886-1082


Ground-Up Forestry Mulching, LLC



Gustafson & Wargo

Julie Steele
Phone: 315-697-2345
Fax: 315-697-8427



Carrie Earl
Phone: 315-225-7010



Hampton Inn by Hilton Verona






Hartman Enterprises 

Jaime A. Sweet
Phone: 315-363-7300

Haskell-James Real Estate & Appraisal Co.

Patrick James
Phone: 315-363-8720
Fax: 315-361-5419




Jeffrey Jenkins RN BSN
Phone: 315-280-0681
Fax: 315-280-0706


Heritage Farms Inc.

Ms. Sharon Dziekonski
Phone: 315-893-1889
Fax: 315-893-7945

HipStir Cafe

Jennifer DiGiorgio
Phone: 315-280-0595



Hunt Real Estate ERA

Jeanette Denney
Phone: 315-363-5533
Fax: 315-363-1931



Joe Monfiletto

John Froass & Son, Inc.
208 East State Street
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: John Froass


Kay Real Estate

Ms. Kay Marvin
Phone: 315-363-9191
Fax: 315-363-1613


The Keys Program
308 Sherrill Road, Suite 100
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Colleen Bennett
Phone: 315-363-6446

Kitchen Concepts & Design
767 Lenox Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mark Mutz


Lakeside Landing @ OCGC

1017 Golf Course Ln
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-361-6113

Lamb's Construction Inc.

Mr. Blake A. Lamb
Phone: 315-363-5537
Fax: 315-363-4476



Legendary Fire Media
Utica, New York 13501
Contact: Carlton L. Elijah
Phone: 323-503-6695

Liberty Resources Inc.

Theresa Davis
Phone: 315-363-0048


Madison Bistro

Lisa Campanie
Phone: 315-280-0559



Madison Country Industrial Development Agency

Mr. Kipp Hicks
Phone: 315-697-9817
Fax: 315-697-8169

Madison County Historical Society

Ms. Sydney Loftus
Phone: 315-363-4136

Madison County Office for the Aging

Ms. Julie Harney
Phone: 315-697-5700
Fax: 315-697-5777

Jodi Sinclair
Phone: 315-280-4682



Madison-Oneida BOCES

4937 Spring Road
Verona, New York 13478
District Superintendent Mr. Scott A. Budelmann 
Phone: 315-361-5500
Fax: 315-361-5595

Peter F. Hedglon

Attorney at Law

Contact: Mr. Peter F. Hedglon
312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-3440


Sarah Marshall CPA, PLLC

Ms. Sarah Marshall
Phone: 315-363-6949
Fax: 315-363-0138

Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One

John Mazzullo and Mike Mazzullo
Phone: 315-363-2390
Fax: 315-363-7544

McGarvey Endodontics

Dr. MIke McGarvey
Phone: 315-606-3277

MC Highland Farms

Phone: 315-527-6888


Mr. Rich Kristan
Phone: 315-361-1768
Fax: 315-361-5433

Mix it Up Creations, LLC
126 North Main Street
Oneida, New York

MOORE Networking
P.O. Box 153
Wampsville, New York 13163
Contact Brent Selleck

Mohawk Valley Health System
Oneida Medical Office

Caitlin McCann
Phone: 315-366-3700


National Concert Productions

Dave Brewster

4494 Clockville Rd, Canastota, NY 13032



Nava Browtique & Aesthetics
107 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Brittany Bickom
Phone 315-802-9091
Email navabrowtiqueandaesthetics@gmail.com



NBT Bank

Doreen Borders
Phone: 315-280-6428


New York Life Insurance Company

Brittany L. Pfaff
Phone: 315-404-8603

Business Internet, Phone & cloud-based communications provider


Old Erie Golf Club




OneGroup NY, Inc

Phone: 315-363-2100
Fax: 315-363-2183



Oneida City School District

Mary-Margaret Zehr
Phone: 315-363-2550



Oneida Community Mansion House

Phone: 315-363-0745
Fax: 315-361-4580



Oneida Dental Group

Phone: 315.363.4850
Fax: 315.363.4678



Oneida Floral

Ms. Lisa Marshall
Phone: 315-361-1481


Oneida Community Golf Club

1017 Golf Course Ln
Oneida, NY 13421


Oneida Healthcare

Phone: 315-363-6000
Fax: 315-361-2296



Oneida Lake Brew Haus

Oneida Memorial Association 

Sunshine Hammon
Phone: 315-264-7540



Oneida Public Library

Ms. Michele Ryan
Phone: 315-363-3050
Fax: 315-363-4217


The Oneida Dispatch
Phone: 315-363-5100
Facebook: OneidaDispatch

Oneida Rotary Club

Oneida Service Center

Phone: 315-363-0008

Oneida Wine & Liquor

Anne Lumbard
Phone: 315-280-4906

PAC 10, Inc. dba PAC 99

Bruce Burke
Phone: 315-363-7913


Parkside Liquors


Scott McKinnon

439 Main St. – Northside Shopping Center
Oneida, New York  13421 

Phone:  315-363-6323

 Peter F. Hedglon
Attorney at Law
312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421

Phone: 315-363-3440


Planned Results Inc.

102 East Seneca Street, Suite 212
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Mr. Jonathan C. Pawlika
Phone: 315-361-6165
Fax: 315-280-6832

Primal Tee Shop

Steve and Denise Mangini
Phone: 315-558-8640


Prodmar of New York




Prudential Financial

Elizabeth Tompkins
181 Kenwood Avenue
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-280-4748


Ralph's Collision Inc.

Mr. Ralph E. Holmes
Phone: 315-363-6860
Fax: 315-361-1508



Servomation Refreshments, Inc.


Sherrill Dental Arts

Dr. Kurt Gormley
Phone: 315-361-1335

Sweet Life Of A Baker
552 Sherrill Road
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Andrea Maranville



Sherrill Manufacturing - Liberty Tabletop

Greg Owens
Phone: 315-280-0727

Silver City Studios

Robert Capezzano
Phone: 315-368-4056

Smith's Flooring & Paint

Monique Smith

Monique Smith
Phone: 315-363-6740

Sound Mind Financial, LLC

Alan Chandler
Phone: 315-821-2827



TALAS Security
155 Madison Street
Oneida, New York
Contact: Paul Marco
Phone: 315-561-3816
Web: talas.io

Sharon Taylor   

One Cream, One Sugar, Inc

(315) 280-8246

Apartment Housing: 427 Wilbur Street and 109 Madison Street


The Blend

Theodore's Restaurant

Phone: 315-697-7929

United Way of Madison County

Contact: Denise Laube
Phone: 315-363-5779

Upstate Cancer Center at Oneida

Kelly Moore
Phone: 315-361-1041


Vindigni, Betro, and Getman

James W. Betro, Esq.

Samual J. Getman, Esq.

Richard G. Vindigni, Esq. (Retired)

Phone: 315-363-3602

Address: 146 Madison St, Oneida, NY 13421


VVS Central Schools
5275 State Route 31
Verona, New York 0.478
Contact: Martha Group
Phone: 315-829-2520

Westmoor, LTD.



The White Begonia

Anne Marie Costello


White's Farm Supply, Inc.

Jeffrey White
Phone: 315-697-2214
Fax: 315-697-8024


YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley

Mr. Henry Leo
Phone: 315-363-7788
Fax: 315-363-7352

Zonta Club of Oneida Area



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 Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce
Oneida, NY 13421
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