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Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce in Oneida, New York



 Welcome to the Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce Member's Directory (listed in alphabetical order)






31 Express Deli & Grocery

147 Cedar Street
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Marcia Polisse
Phone: 315-366-3354

Facebook: facebook.com/31Deli


Allen Eye Associates

131 Main Street, Suite 202
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Dr. Matthew Allen
Phone: 315-363-4942
Fax: 315-363-4441


Web: alleneyeassociates.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AllenEyeAssociates



Allmond Wellness
225 Genesee Street
Chittenango, NY 13037


Phone: 315-510-2006
Fax: 833-523-2372


Email: Allmondwellness37@gmail.com
Web: allmondwellness37.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DeannaRaymondAllen




All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc.

 1043 Freedom Drive
Oneida, New York 13421


Contact: Joseph Faranch
Phone: 315-361-1066
Fax: 315-361-1048


Web: https://allseasonings.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllSeasonings


 American Red Cross

Contact: Paulette Loomis

Phone: 315-363-2900
Fax: 315-363-9628




280 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 13421

Contact: Rachel Siderine
Fax: 315-361-1064


The Arc Madison Cortland


Bailey's Real Estate
Contact: Vincent Bailey

Bassin & Hession Orthodontics

737 Stone Street
Oneida, New York 13421
 Phone: 315-363-2480
Fax: 315-363-2436
Web: cnyortho.com 

Bear Paw Printing

Contact: Peter Hilts
1733 Fyler Road
Chittenango, New York 13037

Phone: 315-687-6366


Bella Vita Cafe


115 Main Street
Oneida, NY 13421






8491 Seneca Trpk
New Hartford, NY 13413
Contact: Fred Agerter III
Phone: 315-735-6106
email: fagerter@bershirebank.com 



Best Eye Photography

181 Kenwood Avenue Suite 100
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Beth Jones
Phone: 315-280-4509


Better Hearing of Madison County, LLC

121 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Linda Bailey
Phone: 315-363-7869
Fax: 315-363-4661

BRiDGES, Madison County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

1507 Upper Lenox Avenue 
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Maureen Campaine
Phone: 315-697-3947

Business Machines & Equipment

Web: bmecompany.com


Online Company
Contact: Courtney Ross
Phone: 315-214-1955
email: bythebeansinfo@gmail.com
Web: www.bythebeans.com


Callanan Industries, Inc.


6375 Tuttle Road
Canastota, New York 13032
Contact: Todd McArdell 
Phone: 315-697-9569

Callee 1945

134 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Abbey Woodcock
Phone: 315-367-0007


Campanie & Wayland-Smith

S. John Campanie, Esq.
Tina Wayland-Smith, Esq.
Melissa E. Martel Felton, Esq.
123 Farrier Ave
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-363-0585



Campany Roofing Company, Inc.

106 West Elm Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-9086

Campbell-Dean Funeral Home

260 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mr. James P. Dean
Phone: 315-363-4020
Fax: 315-361-1481

Caro-Northrup Agency

1533 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 1421
Contact: Kim Caro
Phone: 315-363-5770 

Catholic Charities Oneida/Madison County


1408 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
Contact: Victoria Paolozzi
Phone: 315-724-2158

Marian J. Cerio, Attorney at Law

104 Center Street
Canastota, New York 13032
Contact: Marian J. Cerio
Phone: 315-697-3987


Chapin Real Estate

585 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Jennie Chapin
Phone: 315-366-4136


Chi of G Massage


City Electric

Web: cityelectricsupply.com

Clear Landscapes L.L.C.
Waterville, New York 13480
Contact Dave Bowen
Phone: 315-327-8199


Clear Path For Veterans
1223 Salt Springs Road
Chittenango, New York 13037
Phone: 315-687-3300


One Park Place

300 S State Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: 315-284-5770

Website: colwell-law.org


Community Bank N.A.


182 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Wendy Matters
Phone: 315-366-3910
Web: cbna.com


Community Carwash LLC

Contact: Ken Brewer
Phone: 315-334-3914

Web: cnycommunitycarwash.com

Coneheads Ice Cream Oneida
646 Lenox Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Adam Behr

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County 
100 Eaton Street
Morrisville, New York 13408
Contact: Tess Southern
Phone: 315-684-3001


Cornell's Greenhaus
264 Genesee Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Jacob Cornell
Phone: 315-280-0121
Web: cbdcny.com 

Costello Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PLLC

 Dr. John Costello
Phone: 315-363-1110
Fax: 315-363-4441

Dan Buttermann

Phone: 315-280-8441

Individual Member:

Dr. John J. Costello, Sr.  

Michel J. DeBottis, Attorney at Law

312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 1341
Contact: Michel J. DeBottis
Phone: 315-363-6800

D'Arcangelo & Co., LLP

730 Lenox Avenue, Suite 3
Oneida, New York 13421

Contact: Mr. Scott Miller, CPA
Phone: 315-363-1740
Fax: 315-363-1975


Dec & Benson CPAs, P.C.
101 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mike Dec
Phone: 315-363-7795


Don Kingsley 


D'Ray's Pizzeria

215 Broad Street

Oneida, NY 13421

Phone: 315-280-4500



134 Lenox Ave

Oneida, NY 13421

Phone: 443-791-2328

Ebeneezer's Cafe and Creamery

Kathleen and Evan DuChene
phone: 315-363-4537

web: ebeneezerscafeandcreamery.com


Empowered Pathways

Stephanie Eghigian
Phone: 315-724-1718

Extreme Martial Arts

2090 Glenwood Shopping Plaza

Oneida, NY 13421

Phone: 315-335-5272

Website: https://www.oneidamartialarts.com/




Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott
5280 Willow Place
Verona, New York 13478
Contact: Lori Hicks
Phone: 315-363-8888

Fleming Antiques
4867 Fox Road
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-813-0520
Website: http://facebook.com/FlemingAntiques4867

Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.
4277 Middle Settlement Road
New Hartford, New York 13413 


Family Counseling Services
201 Cedar Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Phyllis Montague Harris
Phone: 315-280-0400


Garage Gym Oneida

Robert Galinski
Phone: 315-368-3980


Gates-Cole Insurance

Phone: 315-363-7200
Fax: 315-363-7402



Giovannis Big Cheese

Giovanni Purpura
Phone: 315-363-3344



The Gorman Foundation

Ms. Amanda Larson
Phone: 315-363-0170
Fax: 315-361-0710


GPO Federal Credit Union

Phone: 315-363-8029


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing - Rome

Phone: 315-886-1082


Ground-Up Forestry Mulching, LLC



Gustafson & Wargo

Julie Steele
Phone: 315-697-2345
Fax: 315-697-8427



Carrie Earl
Phone: 315-225-7010


Happy Valley Animal Hospital

6127 Happy Valley Road

Verona, NY 13478

Phone: 315-366-0006

Website: happyvalleyanimalhospital.godaddysites.com 

Hampton Inn by Hilton Verona






Hartman Enterprises 

Jaime A. Sweet
Phone: 315-363-7300

Haskell-James Real Estate & Appraisal Co.

Patrick James
Phone: 315-363-8720
Fax: 315-361-5419




Jeffrey Jenkins RN BSN
Phone: 315-280-0681
Fax: 315-280-0706


Heritage Farms Inc.

Ms. Sharon Dziekonski
Phone: 315-893-1889
Fax: 315-893-7945

Hi Neighbor

PO Box 76 

Erieville, NY 13061

Email: hineighborkl@gmail.com

Phone: 315-655-9431

Website: www.hineighborcny.com



Hunt Real Estate ERA

Jeanette Denney
Phone: 315-363-5533
Fax: 315-363-1931




John Froass & Son, Inc.
208 East State Street
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: John Froass


Kay Real Estate

Ms. Kay Marvin
Phone: 315-363-9191
Fax: 315-363-1613


The Keys Program
308 Sherrill Road, Suite 100
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Colleen Bennett
Phone: 315-363-6446

Kitchen Concepts & Design
767 Lenox Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact: Mark Mutz


Lakeside Landing @ OCGC

1017 Golf Course Ln
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-361-6113

Lamb's Construction Inc.

Mr. Blake A. Lamb
Phone: 315-363-5537
Fax: 315-363-4476





Liberty Resources Inc.

Theresa Davis
Phone: 315-363-0048


Madison Bistro

Lisa Campanie
Phone: 315-280-0559



Madison Country Industrial Development Agency

Mr. Kipp Hicks
Phone: 315-697-9817
Fax: 315-697-8169

Madison County Historical Society

Ms. Sydney Loftus
Phone: 315-363-4136

Madison County Office for the Aging

Ms. Julie Harney
Phone: 315-697-5700
Fax: 315-697-5777

Maltek Solutions LLC

PO Box 25 

 Minoa, NY 13116

Web:   www.malteksolutions.com      

Phone: 877-262-5835


Jodi Sinclair
Phone: 315-280-4682



Madison-Oneida BOCES

4937 Spring Road
Verona, New York 13478
District Superintendent Mr. Scott A. Budelmann 
Phone: 315-361-5500
Fax: 315-361-5595

Peter F. Hedglon

Attorney at Law

Contact: Mr. Peter F. Hedglon
312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-3440


Sarah Marshall CPA, PLLC

Ms. Sarah Marshall
Phone: 315-363-6949
Fax: 315-363-0138

Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One

John Mazzullo and Mike Mazzullo
Phone: 315-363-2390
Fax: 315-363-7544

McGarvey Endodontics

Dr. MIke McGarvey
Phone: 315-606-3277

MC Highland Farms

Phone: 315-527-6888


Mr. Rich Kristan
Phone: 315-361-1768
Fax: 315-361-5433


Mohawk Valley Health System
Oneida Medical Office

Caitlin McCann
Phone: 315-366-3700


My Upstate Marketing

Phone: 315-796-1108

email: myupstateny@gmail.com

Web:  MyUpstateNY.com

Facebook: My Upstate NY Marketing

Nava Browtique & Aesthetics
107 Main Street
Oneida, New York 13421
Contact Brittany Bickom
Phone 315-802-9091
Email navabrowtiqueandaesthetics@gmail.com



NBT Bank

Doreen Borders
Phone: 315-280-6428



Business Internet, Phone & cloud-based communications provider




OneGroup NY, Inc

Phone: 315-363-2100
Fax: 315-363-2183



Oneida City School District

Mary-Margaret Zehr
Phone: 315-363-2550



Oneida Community Mansion House

Phone: 315-363-0745
Fax: 315-361-4580



Oneida Dental Group

Phone: 315.363.4850
Fax: 315.363.4678



Oneida Floral

Ms. Lisa Marshall
Phone: 315-361-1481


Oneida Community Golf Club

1017 Golf Course Ln
Oneida, NY 13421


Oneida Healthcare

Phone: 315-363-6000
Fax: 315-361-2296



Oneida Lake Brew Haus

Oneida Memorial Association 

Sunshine Hammon
Phone: 315-264-7540

226 Main Street

Oneida, NY 13421

Phone: 315-363-9527

Email: oneidaofficesupply@gmail.com

Website: https://oneidaofficesupply.com/




Oneida Public Library

Ms. Michele Ryan
Phone: 315-363-3050
Fax: 315-363-4217


The Oneida Dispatch
Phone: 315-363-5100
Facebook: OneidaDispatch

Oneida Rotary Club

Oneida Service Center

Phone: 315-363-0008

Oneida Wine & Liquor

Anne Lumbard
Phone: 315-280-4906

PAC 10, Inc. dba PAC 99

Bruce Burke
Phone: 315-363-7913


 Peter F. Hedglon
Attorney at Law
312 Broad Street
Oneida, New York 13421

Phone: 315-363-3440

Pine Ridge Haulers

Junk Removal • Property Cleanouts

Phone: 315-709-1400

email: Pineridgehaulers@gmail.com

Web:  https://pineridgejunkremoval.com/

Facebook: Pine Ridge Haulers


Planned Results Inc.

102 East Seneca Street, Suite 212
Sherrill, New York 13461
Contact: Mr. Jonathan C. Pawlika
Phone: 315-361-6165
Fax: 315-280-6832

Primal Tee Shop

Steve and Denise Mangini
Phone: 315-558-8640





Prudential Financial

Elizabeth Tompkins
181 Kenwood Avenue
Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-280-4748


Ralph's Collision Inc.

Mr. Ralph E. Holmes
Phone: 315-363-6860
Fax: 315-361-1508



Servomation Refreshments, Inc.


Sherrill Dental Arts

Dr. Kurt Gormley
Phone: 315-361-1335





Sherrill Manufacturing - Liberty Tabletop

Greg Owens
Phone: 315-280-0727

Silver City Studios

Robert Capezzano
Phone: 315-368-4056

Smith's Flooring & Paint

Monique Smith

Monique Smith
Phone: 315-363-6740

Sound Mind Financial, LLC

Alan Chandler
Phone: 315-821-2827



TALAS Security
155 Madison Street
Oneida, New York
Contact: Paul Marco
Phone: 315-561-3816
Web: talas.io

Sharon Taylor   

One Cream, One Sugar, Inc

(315) 280-8246

Apartment Housing: 427 Wilbur Street and 109 Madison Street


The Blend

Theodore's Restaurant

Phone: 315-697-7929

United Way of Madison County

Contact: Denise Laube
Phone: 315-363-5779


Vindigni, Betro, and Getman, PLLC

Attorneys and Counselors at Law


James W. Betro, Esq.

Samual J. Getman, Esq.

Richard G. Vindigni, Esq. (Retired)

Phone: 315-363-3602

Locations: 146 Madison St, Oneida, NY 13421

                 23 Broad St, Hamilton, NY 13346


VVS Central Schools
5275 State Route 31
Verona, New York 0.478
Contact: Martha Group
Phone: 315-829-2520

Village Veterinary Hospital

230 Genesee Street

Canastota, NY 13032

Phone: 315-363-8700

Website: www.vvhcny.com


Westmoor, LTD.

PO Box 99

Sherrill, NY 13461

Phone: 315-363-1500

Website: www.westmoorltd.co

Whetstone Studio 

Web Development and Digital Marketing Company Located in Central New York

Phone: 315-534-9669

Website: www.whetstonestudio.com


The White Begonia

Anne Marie Costello


White's Farm Supply, Inc.

Jeffrey White
Phone: 315-697-2214
Fax: 315-697-8024


YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley

Mr. Henry Leo
Phone: 315-363-7788
Fax: 315-363-7352

Zonta Club of Oneida Area




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 Greater Oneida Chamber of Commerce
Oneida, NY 13421
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