Monday, December 10, 2018

10:30 AM  
Karing Kitchen Open Today
Karing Kitchen
Located at First United Methodist Church
116 West Grove Street, Oneida
Monday December 10
thru Saturday December 15
(with special activities 4 the children 12/15)
Breakfast/Coffee Hour 10:30 am
Lunch 11:30-1 pm
Please join us for the annual used toy distribution Tuesday December 11
from 10-Noon (open to all, ID required)
Christmas Food Basket sign-ups currently underway (see Melissa) for
Gifts and Share a Caring Christmas (see Catholic Charities)
Currently taking Food$en$e orders for January
Also January 7 at Oneida Recreation Department 5-6
Karing Kitchen is open to all regardless of residence, age or income
Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors but especially our families
who have helped greatly with this year’s different events!
Looking ahead-start collecting Clean but used Jeans for the month of January
& January 26-Red Cross Blood Drive 10-3 at FUM



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